Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Nilfisk C120 Pressure Washer | Best Pressure Washer Reviews

The more powerful older brother of the Nilfisk C110, the Nilfisk C120 pressure washer packs a 1,650-watt motor into a compact body. This upright pressure washer, which weighs in at 12 kilograms, features an aluminum pump and is equipped with wheels to make pressure cleaning quick and easy. The trigger has an auto start/stop function, so the machine stops spraying as soon as the trigger is released. This makes pressure washing easy and reduces unnecessary wear and tear on the motor. In addition to two cleaning nozzles, the C120 comes with a patio cleaner and extension lance. The accessories store on-board the machine and an instructional DVD is included.

Nilfisk C120 Pressure Washer Reviews

Most of the users who reviewed the best commercial pressure washer for the money were happy with its performance and pleased with the value. Several reviewers had previously owned other makes of pressure washers and commented that the Nilfisk C120 offers an additional 10 psi of pressure and does a better job overall with cleaning. Some reviewers also stated that the attachments included with the C120 were better than those from comparable models. Another favorite feature was the aluminum pump, which withstands wear and tear better than the plastic pumps found in many competitors’ pressure washers.

Several reviewers stated that this pressure washer outperforms more expensive pressure cleaners from other companies, including Kärcher. One reviewer even stated his apprehension about buying this unknown brand of pressure cleaner, but once he learned they had offices in 40 countries, he decided to take a chance. He was very happy with the purchase in the end.

While the majority of the reviews and ratings were positive, reviewers did have a few small complaints about the Nilfisk C120. A few reviewers commented that it was difficult to store the hoses and would have liked to have a better hose storage/management option. Another felt that it should have included more attachments for the price.

Several reviewers experienced problems when they tried to use the included patio cleaner attachment. Many of them stated that the attachment fell apart after very little use or began leaking so bad the attachment was useless. Although this does sound like a serious manufacturing problem, the washer itself and the additional nozzles performed admirably. Another user stated that the plastic that attached the hose to the unit split on his washer, but once he replaced it with a metal one, the machine worked well.

Overall, reviewers were pleased with the functionality and performance of the Nilfisk C120. Many people commented on the fact that Nilfisk is not a well-known name in pressure washers, but ended up happy with their choice to try this unknown brand. For people who want this pressure washer specifically for the patio cleaner attachment, it may be worth investing in a different pressure washer or at least buying a better quality patio attachment. Another option would be to use one of the other attachments for cleaning the patio.

Specification / Features:

1,650-watt motor produces 120 maximum pressure

520 litres per hour maximum flow rate

6-metre hose

5-metre power cord

On-board accessory storage

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